1. The Sparrow

From the recording Songs Of Love and Darkness

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I know that somewhere, there's a place for me,
I know that it's not here.
Don't think that you will ever treat me right,
I feel no love at all.

The days go by I find myself hiding in my room,
And when I hear your footsteps, I feel a sense of doom.
And it feels just like I'm dying.

Outside my window, by the setting sun, a sparrow in a tree.
I'm gonna ask him if I can be him, and he can become me.
The nights go by, I find myself dreaming of a day,
When I will run right out that door, and leap and fly away.

But it's easier to suffer, easier to cry,
Easier to suffer than to fly.

The sparrow says that we must leave tonight.
Or let my soul become as dead as ice.
So in my dreams he and I become as one.
Freed from myself, I soar into the sun.

But it's easier to suffer,
Easier to cry,
Easier to suffer than to fly.