Fans of Post Punk, Alt Rock, and Classic Rock alike will all undoubtedly want to check out Cosmic Order’s latest single “The Snake Rides Again”. The multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, engineer and producer seemingly needed very little help to orchestrate one of the most accessibly immersive Rock sounds I’ve heard this year. His alchemic infusion of elements from each of the genres made for a progressive 5-minute masterpiece, each minute as captivatingly unpredictable as the last.” - Amelia Vandergast

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Cosmic Order, the brainchild of vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Rocco DiPippo, is a product of years of work as a writer, engineer, producer and performer.

DiPippo's personal experiences from his tough childhood and extensive travels - from the war zones of Iraq and Afghanistan to the raw beauty of the Sicilian countryside - have given him jagged insights into the joys and tragedies of the human condition.

Those experiences led him to believe that spirituality, art and music are the only things that can transcend the tragedy of this world.

On his debut album, "Songs Of Love and Darkness,"  DiPippo drew from his love of Classical music, Hard Rock, Jazz and Metal, blending those genres with his personal experiences to create something original, powerful and timeless.

On his followup album, "Duality," he explored the contrasting flavors of life's experiences and the emotions they cause in all of us; feelings of love, hatred, triumph, disappointment, longing and expectation. It is DiPippo's belief that throughout all of life's vicissitudes, the one True thing is Love and in that sense, only Love is real. It is everything.

"Duality" featured DiPippo on vocals, bass, drums and keys. He was accompanied by the stellar guitar playing of Michael Fitzgerald, whose unique, broad style and masterful technique rocketed “Duality” to formidable, musical heights. 

Cosmic Order's latest album, titled “Travesty,” marks a sharp departure from previous releases in that it features a stripped down sound based almost exclusively on vocals, bass, guitars and drums. Arrangements are sparse and most of the songs are hard hitting political commentaries on the deplorable state of Western Civilization today including its rapidly increasing moral collapse.

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