From the recording Songs Of Love and Darkness

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I once placed all my trust in you I thought that you were true
But when I saw small cracks appear my suspicions grew
I really thought you were my friend on whom I could depend
Then you turned your back on me, I cannot comprehend

The snake rides again (2x)

I lie awake in bed at night and think of what you’ve done
All your talk of innocence is like the dying sun
I never thought I’d see the day when you would turn your coat
But now what’s done can’t be undone, a dog rips at your throat

The snake rides again (4x)

This dog is on the hunt tonight, it’s locked-in on your smell
And when it sinks its fangs in you you’re going straight to hell
I’m tired of the games you play, you think it’s all a joke
Now I’ve had enough of it, I’m gonna cut your throat.

The snake rides again (4x)

Ride it, ride it