From the recording Songs Of Love and Darkness

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I met a girl, halfway 'round the world
And she was looking for some friction
She said to me as she sat down on my knee
I’m needin’ horizontal benediction

I grabbed her hand and we raced across the sand
Then both of us we jumped into the ocean

Round and round and up and down we go

We swam around, until we ran aground
Then I took her to my private palace
When we got there, she let down her hair
And then she drank wine from my royal chalice

Round and round and up and down we go

Here we go
Here we go again
Don't you know?
Know that her and I are dancing on the sun

It’s been a year and that crazy girl’s still here
We’re living large we’re partying and chilling
Still having fun, dancing on the sun
‘Cause I’m the king of everything that’s thrilling

And so it goes, you never really know
Where those crazy things in life might take you

On and on and on and on it rolls
Here we go
Here we go again
Don’t you know?
Know that all of us are dancing on the sun.