From the recording Songs Of Love and Darkness

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I hate everything you say
You’re so full of noise, shut up and go away.
I don’t care for anything you do
You ain’t doing nuthin' unless it’s all for you

No more one way conversations.

Give me something, give it to me fast
Need to get a buzz on and need to get there fast
A little something to help me through this day
When I go to work I just slave slave slave slave
I need some satisfaction

Eat sleep work die (3x)

Alright it’s 3am a divorcee snores in my bed
I’m studying the wrinkles on her face
I smoke my cigarette wondering what’s the point of it.
I’m tired of wallowing inside this mud pit
Mercy on me Jesus, all I ever do is

Eat sleep work die (3x)

Alright its Friday night go downtown to see the sights
Alright here we go to do the same old shit
So damn tired of the way things make me jump
Gotta be a better way to crawl out of this funk

I’m gonna get a pretty girl
I’m gonna get myself a Maserati
I’m gonna rob a thousand banks
And I don’t care if you don’t see things my way

Eat sleep work die (3x)