1. The Desert

From the recording The Desert

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So the crew chief straps me in
And I'm wondering what the fuck I'm doing here
For what it's worth I've got my Kevlar on
And I say to the dude, yo man, I'm not sitting here man
I'm a target here
The dude looks at me and says man, you either take that seat or you get off this helicopter and find another way

So I take the seat and he straps me in and I can't move, not a muscle
And I'm facing this wide open door on the side of this chopper
And we're flying over some bad shit

So we lift off and head out over the desert
And I'm looking down and thinking oh my God, I am just a sitting duck here
And I'm gonna get my ass smoked and there's nothing I can fuckin' do about it

And I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't terrified, if I wasn't frightened for my life, 'cause I was
And then with the hum of the rotors and the sway of the helicopter and my helpless situation, I just went with it
And I looked down and watched the desert go by

There's nothing down there but wrecked shit, badness
There's nothing down there but whatever's in the heart of a shut-in whose soul is worn to a bare nub

Alright now we're coming up on some of these bad guys and it does not look good
I'm sitting there thinking man, I hope this shit doesn't hurt if they pop me
The fuck who knows what they got
They got AKs, maybe someone's got a .50 squirreled away
And I'm gonna get it and I just say, you know what God?
If it goes down, do me the favor and let it go down quick, man
I don't want an arm blown off or get shot in the fuckin' groin or some bullshit like that
Just right to the fuckin' heart man

And I'm praying you know, praying to God
You know what God, just let me get through this little bit right here and I'll be cool
But we know how that goes, everyone says that, everyone says that bullshit
You know, God give me one more chance, give me one more chance
And then, you know it's God give me one more chance, give me one more chance
But sooner or later, there ain't no more chances

So I'm thinking over all of this and finally I just sucked in the terror
And I found peace in that terror, found some peace in that fear

And I'm looking down and the desert's just going on and on and on and there's nothing there, man
There's nothing alive, nothing bright, beautiful
Nothing to soothe the soul or fill the the heart
Just emptiness
Waiting for terror to spring out of emptiness

And I'm like alright, I'm good man, I'm just gonna check this out
Ya know, and I just lost my fear and started grooving on the whole fucked up show

The desert rolls on and rolls on and rolls on
And that's really all there is to this tale